Eco Tips

Here are some great ways to help the town of San Anselmo meet it’s Climate Action Plan goal of reducing global warming emissions at least 15% below 2005 levels by 2020:

  1. Purchase Deep Green 100% Renewable Energy from the Marin Energy Authority (phone: 888-632-3674)
  2. Take public transportation whenever possible
  3. Bicycle or walk when running errands within 2 miles of home (also consider creating a bike team through Clif Bar’s 2 Mile Challenge)
  4. Join a carpool for yourself and/or your children (also check out the resources at SchoolPool Marin and the Marin County Bicycle Coalition)
  5. Encourage your children to bike or walk to school
  6. Rideshare for specific trips (especially long distance)
  7. Own a fuel efficient and low emission vehicle (also check out new electric vehicles!).  Find out how much you’ll save by switching to a more efficient vehicle.
  8. Make an effort to reduce fuel consumption while driving:
    • Slow down acceleration time (accelerate 0 to 60 mph in 15 seconds). Average improvement in fuel economy: 31%(highest: 37%)
    • Drive the speed limit. Average savings: 12% (highest: 14%)
    • Use cruise control (unless driving in a mountainous area). Average savings: 7% (highest: 14%)
    • Shut down car if idling for more than 1 minute. Savings up to14%
    • Keep tires inflated to recommended levels. Savings varied.
  9. Shop at local farmers markets
  10. If remodeling or building, use green building standards. Marin’s Green Building Program can help.
  11. Install solar panels
  12. Use the SmartEnergy Analyzer and take steps to save energy
  13. Install Compact Fluorescent or LED lighting
  14. When replacing old appliances, purchase Energy Star rated appliances
  15. Unplug or power down (with power strips) unused appliances to reduce standby power usage
  16. Reduce water use, especially hot water use (also check out the Do-It-Yourself Home Water Survey by MMWD)
  17. Install Solar Water Heating System or other Energy Efficient Water Heater
  18. Plant native, drought-tolerant plants and minimize or eliminate lawns (resources also at MCSTOPPP Garden Resources)
  19. Plant additional trees and vegetation to reduce global warming
  20. Recycle glass bottles, plastic bottles and containers #1-7, aluminum and tin cans, newspaper, office waste paper, cardboard
  21. Donate, sell, or give away unused items (also check out Yahoo’s MarinCountyFreeCycle and the Marin’s FreeCycle listing)
  22. Compost food waste
  23. Purchase carbon offsets to offset daily GHG emissions and/or when travelling (also check out PG&E’s ClimateSmart Program)
  24. At work, consider becoming a Marin Green Business.

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